Home Storage Skills

Welcome! Welcome!

My name is Wendi and I’ll be the hostess for this blog. This is still a work in progress so please be patient with me.

I set it up a couple of years ago when I first started teaching classes on pressure canning meat.  The ladies attending my class jumped on the concept immediately but couldn’t remember all the steps in a row so they started calling me.  I loved talking to each one but soon realized that they needed something they could refer to time and time again.  So I threw up a little blog with basics instructions on how to pressure can meat.  No pictures, just instructions.  It was a hit.  I thought it would be helpful to add some pictures the next time I canned and that’s when I did the Canning Chicken Step-by-Step post.  I’ve just been adding to it ever since.

This website/blog has been created to give guidance and encouragement to those that are striving for greater self-reliance.  I hope that’s what you will find.

I love and am obsessed with all things self-reliant.  I try to keep the learning in a light-hearted fashion because, quite frankly, if I don’t laugh, I’ll go insane.  I make mistakes all the time in my efforts to learn.  I’ll share them all with you so you don’t make the same mistakes.

I’m hoping as time goes on that you’ll feel free to offer your insight and experiences as well.  We need to learn as much as possible from each other.

I’m located on the East Coast so my circumstances are going to be different than many when it comes to gardening and other types of seasonal activities.  Perhaps our stores and the items we can buy will be different but we’ll help each other.

Thank you for reading.  Enjoy!